The guy behind Memorigi

Hi, I'm Randy Saborio, creator of Memorigi. I'm a developer who studied Software Engineer and Computer Science at Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Software development is one of my passions along with photography and taking loooong rides on my bike.

The story of Memorigi

The story of Memorigi is long but I'll keep it short. Memorigi started as a necessity for having my life organized. As usual, I started using app after app without any luck. I did tried a lot, seriously. The common denominator was every app wants me to adjust my life to them instead of the other way around. Think it for a second. Projects, subprojects, labels, tags, boards? That's not how life works! Day by day you have a bunch of things to do, another bunch of things to remember, and that's it.

In the old days when no computer was around, people used sheets of paper to organize their lifes. It was practical and simple. You grab a sheet, write down some things to do, and when you finish you cross out the ones you've done. That's how Memorigi was born.

What about the name?

People ask me about what Memorigi means and to be completely honest, I like the name a lot! Memorigi is the Esperanto translation of the word remind.

I really hope you do enjoy Memorigi. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have feedback, questions, issues, or simply just want to share a beer in Costa Rica some day. Pura vida!