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Have you ever decided to lose weight, brought home a treadmill and let it gather dust in the basement? Or maybe started a study plan and drop it after a few days just because it is too hard? Or decided to start a business, learn a new language, master your career, improve your life, just to find yourself browsing endless hours other's peoples life?

If yes then you need Memorigi.
start reaching your goals today
You are not alone in this difficult but achievable endeavor.
Denis Valcke
The search for a to-do app that fits my needs has been long, and to be honest kind of frustrating. I finally found out about Memorigi and I feel like I just hit that sweet spot. My ADHD sometimes screams for structure and the way this app is set up and the "nag me" feature are exactly doing that. Cherry on top.
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Tania. C. F
Amazing app. I am a person that forgets things a lot but this app changed my life completely. It is colourful and I can do my challenges and I can see my progress. The team are amazing I had little problem and they fixed it.
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Shivam Ojha
Literally one of the best and most easy and interactive apps I have come across as a student to help me make a proper schedule for my day.
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John Bennett
I have been searching for a task planner app for the past 2 years. I have finally found one that seems to stick with my daily life, and allows me to fully organize my life in an easy, yet sophisticated manner. Highly recommend Memorigi for organizing your tasks, goals, and everything else in your busy life.
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